Hurricane Preparedness

South Carolina Hurricane Evacuation Routes

South carolina sc hurricane evacuation routes

Not sure how to evacuate from the area? Click the link above to be taken to the South Carolina Department of Transportation's evacuation routes.

Hurricane To Do Checklist

hurricane checklist

Unsure about what to do during a weather event? Use this list to help you discover what you  should be doing to get ready and what you need to do to prepare your home.

Evacuation Zones

South Carolina evacuation zones

Oftentimes, the government will issue evacuation notices for some zones and not others.  Know your zone so you can be prepared for an evacuation.

South Carolina Hurricane Guide

Hurricane guide for south carolina

Even citizens who have been through numerous weather events need help with what to do during a hurricane. Follow the link above to visit South Carolina's Hurricane Guide 

Sea Level Rise Viewer

south carolina flood levels

What exactly does a 2 foot storm surge mean to you? Use this tool to determine how a rise in the sea level will impact your property and the areas surrounding it.  

Charleston County's Hurricane Information

Charleston County government

Charleston County's website which explains the difference between Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.  It also provides county specific information such as Shelter lists and  weather updates.